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Rigorous preparation courses to help students prepare for competitive examinations.


CMAT stands for central management admissions test. The test is conducted by Tribhuvan University and Pokhara university to make selection of the right candidates into the University. The targeted programmes of the Universities by CMAT are BBA, BIM, BTTM, MBA and MPS. Universities have set aside certain curriculum guide lines according to which the faculty of Cambridge CMAT has carefully designed a new curriculum to help students ace the CMAT test.

Outline of CMAT
Course Duration : 6 weeks
Days of Class : 2 days [Sun-Sat]
Daily Test     : 40 (based on CMAT)
Model Test : 5 (based on CMAT)
Time     : 3 hrs/day
Shift     : Morning/Day/Evening


KUUMAT stands for Kathmandu University Undergraduate Management Admission Test (KUSOM). The test is produced by Kathmandu University and is administered by Kathmandu University School of Management. KUUMAT is the first phase test for students willing to study at Kathmandu University in management programme. The main purpose of this KUUMAT test is to select best candidates for management studies at KU. Passing KUUMAT test proves your eligibility for admissions at KUSOM.

Outline of KUUMAT
Course Duration  : 6 weeks
Days of Class   : 7 days
Daily Test  : 40  (based on KUUMAT)
Model Test : 5  (based on KUUMAT)
Time     : -----------
Shift     : -----------

Component of KUUMAT

  • Verbal Comprehension 3 papers (sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension)
  • Quantitative Assessment (two papers on problem solving, and one paper on data sufficiency)
  • KUMAT is a pencil and paper based written test. The test consists of multiple choice questions.

Educational Counseling

An experienced team of counselors with deep insight into education programs, scope, curriculum and speciality are ever ready to review and advice your future direction as per your interests and capabilities. We pay extra attention to help uplift and manage expectations with a sincere, honest approach.

University Selection

In depth knowledge of university faculty and specialization allows our learned advisors the full capability to help you decide the setting for your education abroad. Considering various factors that address a range of issues from the quality of life to educational environment, our team is dedicated to identify the best place for your development.

Course Selection

Class size, professor, curriculum, essential reading and course approach, the complex elements of finding the perfect course can be a stressful endeavor for unsuspecting students. The seasoned familiarization with a plethora of courses allows our staff to help identify the optimal course to enhance academic experience.

Scholarship Assistance

Our up to date database on relevant academic grants such as academic, athletic and creative scholarships along with a veteran status in application procedures is sure to prove monumental for students well deserving of financial assistance.

Post Abroad Assistance

Culture shock and unfamiliarity of new places can lead to students feeling anxious and lost. Fortunately, M&M goes the extra mile to familiarize our students to their potential destinations, making sure they are fully ready to adapt to a new learning environment.

Visa Assistance

Visa application can be an arduous process. The minor rules and protocols and one's awareness of them can spell the difference between a successful application and rejection. M&M’s constant dealing with application croteros is sure to streamline the process dealing with red tape.

Airport Assistance

Even in the hustle-bustle chaos of the airport, M&M will ensure you are properly directed. Making students aware of the correct terminals and airport procedures to ensure that the voyage is nothing but smooth sailing.

Part-Time Job Guidance

Finding employment while balancing an academic career is a sector where most students lose their footing. The extremities of fending for yourself in a foreign job market can be stressful. Scheduling conflicts and unreasonable hours can be detrimental to a students career. As such, M&M acts as your personal advisor to help you balance work and studies.