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Online IELTS training program is a positive step which will help you realize your long cherished dream of immigration, PR, higher studies or professional registration as a doctor or a nurse. The admissions are on first come first served basis. The institute has produced the finest gems who have accomplished the pinnacle of success in different areas of IELTS test (9 band score i.e. 100% score in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules).

Why live interaction with trainers on a regular basis is superior and more effective than video based passive training?

  1. You can get your doubts cleared.
  2. You are motivated throughout the course.
  3. You can get prompt feedback on your writing and speaking performance.
  4. Many professionals are so busy that the practice in sessions is what they can do. For them, live interactive sessions provide complete practice.
  5. Teachers can explain you the concepts in more detail.
  6. It is the way you have learnt in most part of your schooling and college life.
  7. You can do practice in a methodical manner.
  8. Apart from that we provide you free access to video lectures and mock tests.
  9. We have the best results in the industry.
  10. You will be taking the first step towards your success by enrolling our course.
Last but not least, we provide you overall assessment of your Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening tests.


Online IELTS Premium Course

2500 NRS
  • Course Duration: 4 Weeks
  • (* 1 Month Additional Support.
    Digital Library access for Practice.)

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1500 NRS
  • Course Duration: 3 Weeks
  • (* 1 Month Additional Support.)

How to score higher bands ( 7 plus ) in IELTS Reading Academic and General Training?

Some students face difficulties different types of IELTS Reading question types. Our IELTS trainers analyzed performance of students in IELTS Reading over last couple of years and these students included our online IELTS students. Our research indicates that 75 percent students are not able to answer certain IELTS Reading questions. This inability to understand can become a major handicap especially if you need to score 7+ in IELTS Reading.
In IELTS Reading, confusion between False and Not Given seems to be common and we have created some simple practicable strategies and thumb rules to address this issue. These strategies have helped many students to score in IELTS Reading.

Here are some Tips to solve this question type.

  1. Number of headings will be more than number of paragraphs. So you won’t be using them all. For example, if there are 8 headings and 5 paragraphs, you would need only 5 headings.
  2. One heading can be used once only. Once you use one heading in IELTS Reading match the headings question, you should not choose it for other paragraphs.
  3. Study the headings first. Try to identify how one heading is different from the other type. Example: Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings (i—ix) below. Write the correct number, i—ix. in boxes 14-19 on your answer sheet.
  4. List of Headings

    1. Tackling the problem using a different approach
    2. A major improvement on last time
    3. How robots can save human lives
    4. Examples of robots at work
    5. Not what it seemed to be
    6. Why timescales are impossible to predict
    7. The reason why robots rarely move
    8. Following the pattern of an earlier development
    9. The ethical issues of robotics
    10. Try to understand the difference between these headings. May be there are some positive aspects
      (i, ii, iii) while there are some negative aspects
      (v, vii and ix) some headings are based on examples
      (iv) this kind of quick analysis can help you stay focused.

  5. Now start reading the paragraph. Any paragraph is generally made up of components such as main idea, reason and example. Generally in first two sentences of the paragraph or sometimes in last sentence of the paragraph, you would get the main idea of the paragraph. Now come back to headings and eliminate irrelevant headings.
  6. This approach can give you almost the mathematical accuracy in answering this question type. For online IELTS training in Kathmandu and all over the Nepal, you may contact us.